Website Calls Updates: Multi-location Sites and Enhanced Google Analytics Integration

Car Wars is excited to introduce two innovative updates to our Website Calls feature:

  1. Dynamic numbers for multi-location sites
  2. Google Analytics events based on bridge extension

Dynamic numbers for multi-location sites

Website Calls allows dealerships to determine a customer's online journey and session history leading to a phone call. Now, multiple numbers on a website can rotate with each browsing session, enabling dealership group sites to leverage the feature and gain access into in-depth reporting on customers' session history to understand the digital journey that led to a phone call.

Google Analytics events based on bridge extension

Car Wars' Google Analytics integration pushes phone call data into Google Analytics alongside your other marketing goals and events. Phone call events can be sent for all phone calls, or for just certain call types, like calls confirmed as Sales opportunities by our human reviewers. Now you can also send events based on calls that happened on a particular bridge extension (such as calls to the Sales Department, Service Department, or Parts Department). This enhancement means even dealerships not utilizing human reviews can separate calls pushed to Google Analytics by department.

With Website Calls, you're able to:

  • Follow a customer's digital journey to understand which originating sources are driving legitimate opportunities through phone calls.
  • Determine which referring sources are most successful at bringing sales or service opportunities to your website.
  • Access reporting on how call conversions are coming in from Google Ads, as well as exactly what campaigns, ad groups, and keywords drove them.
  • Track phone calls alongside your other marketing goals and events with seamless integration into Google Analytics.

Contact us to see if your site is ready to be set up with Website Calls or to take advantage of one of these updates by emailing [email protected], visiting, or calling our Support Team at 214-446-7867.