Car Wars Revamps Call Details to Deliver Even Greater Insights

Car Wars is excited to announce a revamp to our Call Details!

We've added new features for an improved user experience and to provide more data-based insight into every phone call to and from your dealership. This enhancement allows you to now see:

    Conversational Transcriptions — Call transcriptions, powered by artificial intelligence, have been completely revamped. Not only are they formatted in much easier to read conversational format, but also improved in terms of accuracy. If you do not have Car Wars AI features, learn more about Conversational Transcriptions HERE.
    CRM Data Insight — For qualified CRM integrations, you will now have more insight into each caller. In addition to customer name and status of the caller, we will display the vehicle of interest, assigned salesperson or service agent, appointment information, and owned vehicle information.
    CRISP Certification Status — You can now identify if the agent the call is assigned to is CRISP Certified in the Call Details. If you do not have our Car Wars CRISP Certification program at your dealership, click here HERE to see how we can transform the phone-handling skills of your team.

With these new features, you can gain more comprehensive insight into every call and more efficiently handle phone leads. This will also improve the customer experience because you will have all relevant data in front of you on every call.

View the enhanced Call Details in your own account HERE.

For questions regarding this update, contact your Car Wars consultant or Car Wars Support.