Combat “SPAM Likely” on Outbound Calls
With heightened SPAM detection negatively impacting dealers' client communications, Car Wars provides solutions to help clients proactively reduce risk of being flagged to improve success on outbound calling efforts.

What is “SPAM” detection and how does it work?

As spam and call fraud activity surge to alarming levels nationwide, “SPAM” or “SCAM Likely” is an approach increasingly used by phone manufacturers, carriers, and third parties to protect consumers from 'known' SPAM phone numbers. When a phone number is detected and flagged as SPAM, the business's caller ID appears as “SPAM Likely,” or worse, is blocked from coming through altogether. While consumers are now more protected from legitimate SPAM calls, many businesses making legitimate outbound calls are negatively impacted.

The logic and experience varies from provider to provider, so there's no single answer as to how carriers denote a number as “SPAM Likely”. However, extreme call volume does trigger numbers for being flagged, as does consumers reporting the phone number as SPAM.


To meet dealers' needs, Car Wars can proactively implement solutions to combat dealers' outbound calls appearing as “SPAM Likely” during customer outreach.

What Car Wars can do to Help

Refresh the Outbound Caller ID

The outbound caller ID displayed to the customer when receiving a call from the dealership can be easily changed and refreshed with a new line. Frequently updating the outbound caller ID reduces the risk of being flagged by providers for high call volume while still allowing returned calls to be routed directly to the dealership.

Register Outbound Caller IDs with Designated Phone Carriers

Risk of detection can be slightly reduced when outbound caller ID numbers are registered with designated phone carriers. Car Wars' Support can register your lines with the dealership's correct information.

Individual Agent Lines

A single outbound caller ID used on outbound calls heightens risk of being flagged due to high daily call volume. Individual Agent Lines allow every salesperson to have his or her tracked and recorded line to give customers which ring back directly to the agent. Text-enabled Individual Agent Lines give dealers another channel of communication to customers.

How You Can Help

Add Phone Number in Email Communication

Include the Car Wars' outbound caller ID line or Individual Agent Line in templated customer emails. Many phone operating systems will recognize the number and identify with the dealership or salesperson's contact information to display on the customer's caller ID. Ex: “Maybe Tom Jones.”

Utilize a Call Tracking Line for Outbound

Using your own local number for outbound calls suffers the risk of SPAM flagging. Car Wars can quickly swap out with a Car Wars' call tracking line.

For assistance, visit or call the Support Team at 214-446-7867.